Together, we can make Innes Ward
a vibrant and thriving destination!

By organizing an ‘East-End Summit’ bringing together
stakeholders to create a global vision
of how to grow the east-end of Ottawa in a sustainably responsible way
By advocating for the expansion of MIFO
to better serve the needs of the
east end francophone community
By working with Orléans businesses and
the Heart of Orléans BIA to continue the
revitalisation of St Joseph Boulevard
By working with the Ottawa Board of Trade
& the Heart of Orléans BIA/Balance Orléans
to bring a federal employment node to Orléans
By creating a Teleworking Hub where
employees can skip the commute and still
get the job done
By working with the NCC to extend
Brian Coburn Boulevard to Anderson Road
to alleviate traffic congestion
By improving the quality assurance
required for sound road infrastructure
and its maintenance
By leveraging the opportunities arising from
the arrival of Phase 2 LRT to Trim Road in 2022
  • By working with City staff to improve our parks, arenas, soccer fields and other recreational areas including improvements to Hornet’s Nest soccer fields and protection of the Forest Valley Trail
  • Continue to advocate for provincial funding for expansion of Blackburn Arena which will include updated dressing rooms, a new multipurpose space and an enlarged main lobby
By hosting an annual youth forum and
championing expansion of community
programming for seniors
By promoting neighbourhood cooperation
to increase safety in our community
By including environmental organizations in decision-making
and learning from other municipalities worldwide